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12 Top Stress Management Hacks with Theresa Coligan


April has been Stress Awareness Month. With a study by the Mental Health Foundation last year showing that 74% of adults in the UK had at some point felt so stressed they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope, it’s clear that stress awareness is on the increase. The bigger challenge is what we do to minimise unhealthy stress, especially in the workplace. With that in mind for four weeks during April, Theresa Coligan, an Executive Coach specialising in stress management and resilience, has written a blog covering a theme related to stress with 3 top tips or hacks for each.

If you’d like to know what her tried and tested tools and strategies are for Recovery, Time Management, Cognitive Flexibility and/or State Management then please take a look at the relevant articles below:

1.Top 3 Stress Hacks for Recovery

Highly driven individuals (and many businesses) under-estimate the importance of recovery time. Physical and mental energy are finite. The body and brain need time to replete, repair and recover. We’re also at our most creative when our brain is in default mode ie. busy doing nothing!

For full article please read here

2.Top 3 Stress Hacks for Time Management 

Time, like energy, is also finite. There are only 24 hours in a day. Yet sitting at your computer for 10 or 12 of those hours won’t help you achieve more; it will guarantee you achieve less. Your brain can’t take the strain and you’ll be far less productive.

For full article please read here

3.Top 3 Stress Hacks for Cognitive Flexibility

Cognitive flexibility is another area we tend to under-estimate when thinking about stress management. Because we think of stressors happening to us, we don’t think about how much of the stress we are creating. We become stressed by the way we think about events or people, label them, ascribe meaning to them and so on. We have far more impact and far more control than we think we do!

For full article please read here

4.Top 3 Stress Hacks for State Management

Last, but not least, state management or emotional self-regulation. A key aspect of emotional intelligence. Whilst all three themes discussed earlier will feed into feeling calmer and more in control, there are also lots of things you can do on an ongoing basis to manage your own state.

For full article please read here


Unhealthy stress can be extremely damaging for your physical health, mental well-being and relationships – both work and personal. In honour of Stress Awareness Month I’ve therefore been asking you to ACT on it:

  • Become more Aware of your stress responses & early warning signs.
  • Acknowledge you have more Control than you think you do.
  • Take immediate action with one or more of these 12 Stress Hacks.

Biography – Theresa Coligan

Theresa spent nearly 20 years in the advertising/publishing industry with 10+ years at board/executive board level. Since launching her Coaching business in 2007, Theresa has specialised in supporting people in high stress environments manage their stress/anxiety and, more importantly, build their underlying resilience so they are less likely to tip into unhealthy stress.  The amazing results she witnesses in her clients on a daily basis speak for themselves.

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