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Recruitment’s Next Big Trend – Recruitment International


Sanjay Gohil, Partner in WBMS, discusses the big trend he is seeing with his clients…diversity. It has been around for some time but his Board level contacts are talking about it more than ever and it’s the first time he has witnessed proper impact.

“When it comes to diversity it’s up to us to challenge our clients out of their comfort zones – we have an important role to play in making it easier for our clients to be braver. Diversity will only truly embed culturally when clients and recruiters work in strategic partnership to both understand and harness the huge transformative power of a truly diverse approach to resourcing.”

“It’s time for box-ticking diversity policies to become a thing of the past, and for the sector to play its part in showing clients how they can use diversity to help transform their businesses. 2018 has the potential to be a year of growing impetus and manifestation when it comes to workplace diversity – beyond quotas, charters and policy documents and into real-time.”

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