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Mobile World Congress 2018


As the market leader in executive search for the Technology & Professional Services market  (Executive Grapevine, 2017), we at Wilton & Bain are passionate about our industry specialism and deep content knowledge. We pride ourselves on keeping our finger on the pulse of all that is new and disruptive in our sector, and constantly seek out new knowledge and information. With that in mind, industry events such as MWC are a great place for us to both learn more about our space but also broaden our networks and meet the executives at the heart of all this transformation.

For our clients, both existing and potential, it gives them comfort to see Wilton & Bain represented at these crucial conferences and helps us to prove to them how well we understand their challenges and opportunities. Given the depth and breadth of our network, we are also able to introduce them to new business connections and facilitate their own growth pursuits.

MWC 2018. More than 900 exhibitors, 100,000 attendees and an innumerable number of new innovations on display. For 4 short days, Barcelona becomes the centre of the technology world and the stage for a whole host of weird and wonderful inventions, solutions and services about to be unleashed.

Whilst the volume of information on show was simply overwhelming, there were some common themes clearly running throughout the entire event: the move to 5G and the associated necessary technology and business process transformation; big data and cyber security; wearables, IoT, smart and connected EVERYTHING; digital workplace and mobility.

Exhibitions ranged from the sublime (connected helicopters from Huawei and Xlabs: The Dubai Transport Authority estimate that by 2030, a quarter of all public transport will be air travel in unmanned vehicles) to the bizarre (dancing robot butlers). One takeaway outside of the technology itself was the continued gender disparity in this sector: only 20% of the attendees this year were female. We did meet some very impressive female leaders, and all agreed that more needs to be done to improve and redress the balance moving forward.

We walked more than 20,000 steps a day (tracked by our trusty FitBit) as there were 8 conference halls packed to the rafters with people and technology, each the size of a football pitch at minimum. Whilst our meetings were with people from a wide variety of different companies, cultures, countries and focus areas, what stood out in all of them was their passion for the new world and way of living enabled by advancements in digitalisation, and how technology can improve all of our lives.

One cannot describe MWC without mentioning the parties and networking events that take place in the evenings- with copious refreshments to help ease those aching feet, we had the opportunity to socialise with impressive leaders from a plethora of walks of life, from private equity and VC funds to founders of startups. All totally inspiring and with their own unique stories and journeys.

We’ve come away from the event with a host of new contacts and friends, feeling wiser and better informed about the technology that surrounds us everyday and that will continue to affect and change our lives- it may have only been 4 days but we’ll hopefully be reaping the benefits long into the future!

Zarina Contractor & Erin Callaghan

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