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Dare to Be Different and Reap the Rewards


I was recently asked to write a topical article on today’s most pressing issues in the Boardroom. When I responded I was told that my topic was yesterday’s news and surely there was something more topical. Well there you have it … in a nutshell, I was being told by an influential journal that ‘Diversity in the Boardroom’ was old news.

I simply don’t get it. In times where businesses need to think and behave differently, venture down new roads and embrace the customer in cleverer and more innovative ways how can the need for diversity be a mantra that no longer beats so vibrantly. It’s not as if the message has been received, understood and adopted in today’s ever changing business world. The companies I visit all speak about the need for diversity and some actually do something about it but so many miss a trick.

By embracing diversity, businesses can use the power of being something other than homogenous to deliver something brilliant. I do appreciate it requires combatting long held, usually unconscious, biases and that it’s easier to stay within our comfort zones. However, the opportunity cost of not doing so will be to your detriment, maybe not tomorrow but soon.

Adjust your, your organisation’s and industry’s mindset and dare to be different. I have the pleasure of challenging organisations to do just this and trust me, the rewards are game changing!


Sanjay Gohil joined WBMS in June 2016 after 16 years’ experience of working in the Interim Management market. Focussing on the Business Services and Private Equity markets, he specialises in supporting Business Transformation, Turnaround, Finance, Strategy and Board level roles.

He has worked with a vast client base assisting FTSE100, FTSE250, SME’s and Public Sector organisations with their interim and consultancy resource. In 2017 Sanjay was voted one of the IIM’s Leading Provider Consultants.

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