About Us


Wilton & Bain’s values underpin a working environment that is inclusive for all those who work for us across the globe.  We encourage people to bring their whole selves to work, contribute ideas, take initiative and be responsible for their impact on others internally and externally.

We also take this responsibility seriously in the work that we undertake for our clients across all of our businesses.  Our ethos is to search markets for the best qualified candidates, placing merit and competence at the core of selection decisions.  We actively challenge our clients to approach the market with an entirely open mind and to think innovatively and creatively.  After all, it is only with a breadth of perspective that our clients can in turn serve theirs.

We are proud members of the 30% Club and delighted with our partnership with diversity specialists, EW Group, with whom we have co-hosted a series of events on the topic and are part of their 2018 Inclusive Culture Pledge.  We have established SWITCH, an active network established to bring together Senior Women in Business.