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Moorhouse Case Study


Moorhouse is a dynamic consulting firm with a very distinctive culture. The firm’s hiring challenge is competing for the best talent against the pull of the major global management consultants, while at the same time ensuring that the people it hires can contribute to and thrive in the Moorhouse culture. Wilton & Bain has successfully completed a number of search assignments for Moorhouse and has come to know and understand the firm’s unique approach.

One factor sets Moorhouse apart from the major global management consultants and many other competitors. The firm has a very distinctive culture. It is non- hierarchical, offers accelerated progression on merit and has absolute transparency in the way it remunerates its people.

Rather than focusing narrowly on a single area of business, Moorhouse prefers to support its consultants to be the best they can be while working in small teams across a diverse range of sectors. And everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the success of the firm.

“Every individual has the opportunity to be heard, an equal voice regardless of grade, from the most junior member to the most senior consultant, whether it is at team meetings, in structured training events or break out groups at the regular ‘escapes’ that we organise,” says Richard Goold, a Partner at Moorhouse.

“We learn as much from the most junior people as we do from the board.”

The culture is also inspired by Moorhouse’s values: Integrity and accountability; collaboration; positive pragmatism; and a sense of humour and perspective.

The Best Person, the Right Person 

Moorhouse needed an executive search firm that would take the time to appreciate the way its business worked, recognising that it is not enough to hire the most talented people. Those people must also be comfortable with Moorhouse’s distinctive culture and able to contribute as the business grows. “Wilton & Bain understood the importance of combining talent and cultural fit when helping with our resourcing requirements,” says Goold.

“Our relationship with Wilton & Bain is one that is based on trust, understanding, and shared values. The strength of the relationship, developed over an extended period of time means that we know we are in safe hands when it comes to Wilton & Bain representing our brand externally.”

By successfully conveying the journey that Moorhouse is on, how far it has come and where it is heading, Wilton & Bain has been able to meet a large part of their recruitment needs. Most importantly, it has helped Moorhouse find not just the best people, but the right people for its business.  Wilton & Bain’s ability to compellingly convey the essence of the Moorhouse brand is evident in another way, too. A number of candidates who chose not to join Moorhouse at the time later went on to engage Moorhouse’s services in their subsequent corporate roles.

“Wilton & Bain wanted go further than providing a service. To really get under the skin of the business, to understand the journey we were on, our unique culture, the way we work, our Client approach, our aims and ambitions. It was through this process of building trust and understanding, that they were able to help us find not only the best people for our firm, but the right people.”

“We provided Wilton & Bain with full access to our business and our people so that they could really understand what we are all about. This is a trust-based partnership.

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